Free the Animal

Free The Animal – Sia

Good morning! A lot has happened since my last entry. I dropped out of Acro class because I just couldn’t attend the lessons because of a very tight work schedule. But apart from that unfortunate occurrence, heaps of really exciting things in the local pole scene have been going on!

1. Bobbi’s Black Tie Fundraiser for The Pink Spartans – A Clandestine Affaire:

What an amazing night it was – everyone got totally dressed up and the performances were superb! Felix Cane (read an interview with her here) was the highlight of the night (unfortunately the poles were a little too short for her to really show her stuff off). But there were so many other really wonderful dances and amazing choreography that night; even from The Pink Spartans themselves.


I was very impressed that these ladies, some post mastectomy and others still battling cancer, bravely carry on with life with such gusto regardless! Very inspiring. When you undergo a mastectomy, you also lose part of your pectoralis muscles – despite that, these ladies could climb, invert and do tricks! If that doesn’t spell dedication, I don’t know what does.

We were completely pampered that night, Bobbi’s pole studio really knows how to throw a good party. Seven course dinner, and so many eye-widening and jaw-dropping moments. My partner exclaimed that he’s never eaten so much and seen so much lady parts simultaneously in his life – and this guy is no stranger to strip clubs etc in his youth (but that’s another story for another time). What a fabulous night!




2. Acropolates’ Polity Night

Also another super fun and impressive night at The Bank bar. I was supposed to perform that night with another friend, but I had dropped out of the entire course so I went to lend my support instead! Didn’t remember to take any photographs though, was just too busy trying to keep my jaw off the table as usual. Kristy Sellars performed her signature dance; with her flashing boobie lights and all.. LOL… Here’s her performance from Miss Pole Dance Australia 2010Β and you can see she has a definite flair for the dramatic – and so does Acropolates as a dance school! πŸ™‚ We had heaps of fun.

3. Lots and lots of NEW STUDIOS!!!

Ok; this has been the talk of the town. Not quite town, but ok in our pole circles… here’s a list of what’s happening. I can’t believe so many schools and studios are popping up at the same time. Whut.. did everyone get their leases approved at the same time or what!

a. Pole Lab

b. Pole Dance Academy Singapore

c. Studio Sands

Go check them out! I am most stoked about Pole Lab and PDA Singapore… And super happy for the variety of choice now! I’ll still be sticking to Groove till I finish the entire curriculum there (not sure how many years that will take me) and dropping in at various other studios just to learn something new. It’s amazing how much more I learn from going to other schools because there’s just not enough time during a 1 hour class for any instructor to teach everything.

4. Performance Auditions

Groove is calling for auditions for their annual event! Toying with the idea to go try; but after looking at my videos I am kinda hesitant to go and get shot down. πŸ˜› Will need some liquid bravery to convince me. Gaaahhh.

And lastly…

5. I finally put up my pole!


which I had bought in July from Pole Dance HeavenΒ – ok if you wanna get an X-Pole I highly highly highly recommend them; they stock the new 2014 models and all the necessary extensions, and ship within 4 working days. Yes, only 4, all the way from the UK too. Totally impressed. I got the lovely Titanium Gold coating and am LOVING it to bits. Installation took me more than an hour because I have a 3.3m high ceiling and a very non-engineering kind of brain. The hardest part was getting it vertical!! But totally doable without any help.


My x-pole when it was still in its cradle

Next is to paint the walls of my pole room a lovely breezy shade of blue with silver specks. πŸ˜€

Oh yah.. totally forgot to mention. We graduated from Advanced Pole Choreography 1!!! OMG!!


Happy faces.. and guess who took the photo? LOL.. our instructor…


Till next time… here’s a butterfly for you!


Am off for pole class!



2 thoughts on “Free the Animal

  1. Hi could you tell me how your titanium gold xpole compares to chrome or brass? Is it grippier than chrome? Also how much did you have to pay for your pole including tax and shipping? Thank you so much!!! (: (:


    • Hi Nat sorry for such a delayed response! It’s a little grippier than the normal chrome pole but not good if you sweat a lot. I got it for S$780 which included shipping and tax and the 1m extension that I needed.


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